Chicken pippuri

Chicken pippuriChicken pippuri*

*Pippuri is a Finnish word for black pepper (so we named it like this as we used black pepper for to make it spicy instead of traditional red chili paste/powder). Also this is to flag our love for Finland as we lived in that country for many years, and we try to bring their savor in our cooking recipe)

Other ingredients include: fresh tomato, tomato paste, fresh coriander leaves, curry powder, garlic and ginger paste

You need one baby chicken for this. Cut the baby chicken in to small curry pieces or ask in the shop to do it for you.

When the oil is ready (extra virgin olive oil preferred) make the onion caramelized, add ginger and garlic paste along with tomato paste and curry powder

When it becomes sticky, add 2 freshly chopped tomato & coriander leaves

Prepare the masala, when you are happy – add chicken

At the end, sprinkle the powdered cinnamon, cardamoms, black peppers, joyfol (Nutmeg) and joyotri (Mace) powder ..

Cover with the lid and keep it for 10 minutes in low heat before serving ..


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